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Temple Filler / Brow Lift Filler


15 minutes


none needed no pain


may experience bruising and swelling

As part of the normal ageing process, we all start to develop a degree of hollowing in our temples this can also develop in your younger clients from being stressed over a period of time. This is due to muscle use in this area wearing down the bony tissue in this area leading to an older, more gaunt and bottom heavy appearance. As the temple area hollows the brow can also start to drop and become less shaped. This can become more apparent after we have treatments to fill and lift the mid or lower face from the cheeks or jowls for example.

What can be done?
The Temple Hollow corrective treatment allows us to fill this area and add youthful volume and structure back to the upper face and help balance out facial proportions and profile imbalances. All this is done without the need for invasive surgery using a medium-density dermal filler.

The Brow Lift is achieved simultaneously during this procedure by adding filler to structurally support and anchor the brows in a more shaped and lifted position.

A suitable candidate for temple filler/ brow lift filler must have sufficient hollowness of or around the temple area. This enables the medium-density filler to sit well within the temple and achieve a lift in the brows if you would like your eyebrows lifted too.