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Sclerotherapy (spider vein removal)


30 minutes


none required


may experience bruising at injection site

Thread veins or spider veins are the little blue, purple or red veins that are visible just underneath the skin. Whilst they are not medically dangerous, they are very unpopular, especially with women, because they look so unsightly.

A lot of women feel very self-conscious about their thread veins – to the extent that they wont go out in public in knee length shorts or skirts, and feel embarrassed about wearing swimming costumes.

This is a pity, because thread veins can be treated quite effectively by a simple procedure at Faces By Bae. 

How are they treated?

Sclerotherapy is an advanced treatment that helps eradicate visible veins, redirecting the blood through healthy, undamaged alternative routes. During the procedure, very fine needles are used to inject a liquid into the vein, causing it to collapse and become reabsorbed into the tissue and removed from the body via natural processes, fading varicose and thread veins within a month. 

Clients will be able, and are encouraged, to walk around very soon after the procedure, and remaining mobile during recovery is advisable, so there is little downtime associated. It is advised to keep pressure on the treatment area for around two weeks, for example, using bandages or compression stockings. Patients may feel sore for a few days post-procedure.

The results are immediate and permanent. 

Depends on the amount of spider veins you have, we advise between 1-4 sessions 4 weeks apart.