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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma


30 minutes - 1 hour


none needed


skin may appear red for up to 48 hours

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a non-surgical treatment that harnesses your body’s natural healing process to stimulate skin and follicle recovery. This therapy utilises the platelets and growth factors found in your blood to promote tissue healing and repair, leading to skin rejuvenation and improved hair growth. PRP has gained popularity in various fields, and here are some key points:

— PRP can be used for facial skin rejuvenation, often referred to as the “Vampire Facial,” which can be performed through Microneedling or injections

— It’s also utilized for hair restoration, either through injections or Microneedling.

Endorsed by experts, celebrities, and athletes, PRP is a non-surgical and natural method to stimulate collagen production in the skin. Its media nickname, the “vampire facial,” alludes to the use of the patients blood to obtain the plasma in the treatment.

The procedure effectively brightens, rehydrates, and rejuvenates the skin, usually recommended as a course of treatments for optimal results. Overall, PRP improves skin health.

This versatile therapy has found applications in neurosurgery, oral surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthopaedics, and sports medicine, with minimal to no side effects and little to no pain involved.

Benefits of PRP include:

— Anti-aging effects

— Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

— Diminished pigmentation issues

— Skin tightening

— Skin repair

— Promotion of collagen and elastin production

— Improvement of dark under-eye circles

— Increased hair growth on the scalp, beard, and eyebrows

— Enhanced skin texture

— Reduction of scarring from acne and injuries

— Minimised stretch marks

At Faces By Bae, we offer a range of PRP treatments, including standalone injections or combined with Microneedling for optimal results. We typically recommend 3-6 sessions spaced four weeks apart for the best outcomes however, some patients may require more.