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Jawline Filler


15 minutes


pre numbing for 25 minutes


may experience bruising and swelling

The Jawline Filler treatment can help both men and women to create a contoured jawline that frames the face to obtain a more masculine or feminine jawline, respectively. At Faces By Bae we specialise in this treatment with it being one of our most popular amongst both female and male clients. 

When getting jawline filler you can opt for either natural results or more defined and sharper results. 

Who is jaw filler suitable for? 

While some people are born with a jawline they are not happy with, in most cases, the jawline appearance is affected by the ageing process or weight loss/ weight gain.

  • As we age, the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, the jawline starts to appear soft and lacking definition. The corners of the mouth also begin to droop, causing ‘marionette lines’ – wrinkles that extend into the jawline. Our malar fat pad also begins to fall and split creating jowls.
  • A loss of fat tissue often causes two divots to form along the jawline, known as the pre-jowl sulcus, which further accentuates the appearance of jowls.
  • A period of weight gain will cause you to lose definition along your jawline. 
  • Or naturally, you just don’t have the shaped jawline that you desire and you are unhappy with your side profile. 

During your treatment, we will inject small injections of dermal filler along your jawline to give you a sharper, tighter and more defined jawline. 

It is common for clients to combine jaw filler with chin filler injections for an overall sharper, balanced and defined side profile.