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Ear Lobe Filler


15 minutes


none needed no pain


may experience bruising and swelling

The ears like the tops of hands, neck and décolletage , can reveal signs of age and can often be neglected or sometimes people just do not know what can be done to rejuvenate their ears.

As we age, lost of collagen, pull of gravity and years of fashionable big heavy earrings causes stretched out, droopy, thin, wrinkled earlobes over the years.

Fortunately, there is a quick, in-clinic fix that can help the drooping ear just as it can elsewhere on your face that is using temporary Dermal fillers.

The Hyaluronic acid fillers injections plump up and prevent delicate lobes from ripping and provide extra cushioning for heavy jewellery. The filler will also smooth out wrinkles and lines in the area and reshape the ear that has lost volume and shape. 

This treatment is also great if the ear has scaring or damage from trauma or surgery as it can improve the shape of the ear. 

You only need a small amount of fillers strategically injected around the pierced hole and earlobes, the results are instant and immediate, making the earlobe firmer which helps studs stick out straight and allows your diamonds to catch the light and display your earrings perfectly.

There’s also no downtime post-treatment and you just have to follow some simple post treatment instructions.