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Chin Filler


15 minutes


pre-numbed for 25 minutes


may experience bruising and swelling

Chin filler is a quick and effective way to improve both your front and side profile. At Faces By Bae we believe this is the most underrated treatment on the market as it gives you truly beautiful and perfect results and is needed on many patients without them realising it’s what they need. This treatment definitely needs more recognition as it is truly amazing!

What Does Chin Filler Do?

Chin filler has many benefits and will be tailored to each clients needs, it can be used to balance a week side profile, to make a face appear slimmer and elongate, to make your nose appear smaller, to give you the perfect golden ratio side profile and much more.

What can chin fillers achieve?

The chin is assessed in three dimensions and reviewed from the front and side. Depending on your needs, chin fillers can help to:

  • Increase the length of the chin. This is visible from the front and ideal if the chin is short. The rule of thirds can help guide if the chin is too short relative to the other facial features.
  • Increase the projection of the chin. This is visible from the side view. It is ideal if the chin stops too short relative to the lips and nose. This can even help retrognathia, a condition where the chin sits too far back relative to the cheeks. This can also help with microgenia, a condition in which the chin is underdeveloped. The angle between the eyebrows-nose-chin should be 165-175 degrees. If this angle is less, then the chin needs is not projecting enough. Another way of assessing if the chin is too far back is to look at it in relation to the lower lip and nose. If the chin is behind the lower lip and nose then it may benefit from a subtle enhancement. If the chin is at or behind the labiomental crease, then it most definitely requires enhancement.
  • Reduce the chin crease. This is visible from the front and side views. Chin fillers reduces the deep crease that some people get, and also stops the ‘C’ shaped hooking of the chin which happens with ageing.
  • Increase or decrease the width of the bottom of the chin. Dermal fillers allow artistry in shaping how the chin ends. Women look best with a rounded chin that tapers gently. The width of the female chin is no greater than the distance between the inside corners of the eyes (the intercanthal distance). Some women may have a chin that is too broad, which looks masculine, or a chin that is too pointy, which can look imbalanced. Men look best with a strong, square chin which can be enhanced by dermal fillers.
  • Build up the Marionette creases. Filler along the lines between the lip and chin can reduce the folds here.
  • To erase or reduce a chin dimple.
  • To reduce too much dimpling of the chin especially if there is an overactive mentalis muscle. Some people call this effect ‘myomodulation’. Sometimes chin fillers need to be combined with Botox injections for this complaint. We offer this too at Faces By Bae.

It is common for clients to combine chin and jaw fillers for a sharper and more structured jawline or for clients to combine chin and cheek fillers for a heart-shaped face to give them a contoured and slimmer appearance.