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Hip Dip and Bum Filler


1 hour


lidocaine injected directly into area no pain felt


may experience bruising and swelling

Buttock Augmentations are a new, minimally invasive way of adding volume to the posterior. In a similar way that filler has been cosmetically used to boost the appearance of the nose, lips and cheeks; it can now help you attain the rounded rear you’ve always wanted…

Buttock fillers are a fast and effective way to get the buttock shape you desire, without the need for surgery.

What is Hip Filler?

Non-surgical butt lift (also called bum filler) is a butt lift done without surgery. Instead of liposuction and fat transfer usually used in Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) -which are both semi-invasive surgical procedures- a non-surgical buttlift instead uses injectable dermal fillers Hyaluronic acid to round, sculpture and shape out the buttocks in essentially the same manner that a surgical treatment would do but it much safer.

It is an excellent way for you to achieve safely and easily the butt you have always dreamed of!

Bum filler can give you a better shaped bum, a bigger bum and fill your hip dips.

We advise a minimum of 100ml of filler for a noticeable difference and offer up to 400ml per sitting.