Nostril Flare Reduction


15 minutes


no numbing needed


may experience bruising and swelling

This treatment is for patients who are unhappy with the large size or frequency of their nasal flaring, anti wrinkle along both sides of the nose can help to fix this. The Botox keeps the nostrils from expanding too widely making the nose appear slimmer.

This treatment is very popular and often combined with non surgical rhinoplasty filler for a full nose makeover!

All anti wrinkle injections take 14 days to see full results, some people may see slight results earlier than 14 days but your full result will not be visible until day 14. You are able to get a top up if you still have visible wrinkles or movement between day 14 to day 21 if you miss your top up you must wait the full cycle of 2 months before you can repeat it again. Anti wrinkle treatments last roughly 2-4 months.