Droopy / Overactive nose tip lift


15 minutes


no numbing needed


may experience bruising and swelling

So what does Botox do for your nose? Botox is a muscle relaxant that is injected directly into the depressor septi nasi muscle, a muscle in the nose that pulls the sides of the nose downward, making it look fatter and droopy. Botox eases the pull of the depressor septi nasi, freeing your nose and creating a perkier look.

It is popular to combine this treatment with nostril flaring and non surgical rhinoplasty filler for a full nose make over.

Please note this is not filler and is not for tinker bell tip lift if you want this you will need to book non surgical rhinoplasty with dermal filler, this will lift a droopy tip when smiling and gives a slight lift to the tip.

All anti wrinkle injections take 14 days to see full results, some people may see slight results earlier than 14 days but your full result will not be visible until day 14. You are able to get a top up if you still have visible wrinkles or movement between day 14 to day 21 if you miss your top up you must wait the full cycle of 2 months before you can repeat it again. Anti wrinkle treatments last roughly 2-4 months.