Calf Slimming Botox


5 mins


None required



Calf slimming is a recent aesthetic treatment that aims to contour larger calves, which can either be more muscular than average, or have an excess of fat around them. Calf slimming uses Botox injections to create contoured, shapely calves.

Why have calf slimming?
Some us naturally have larger calves, caused either by excessive fat or muscle bulk, and although having larger calves is not a bad thing, some people feel their calves are disproportionate to their body and find them a source of low self-esteem. For some, having the option to contour their calves provides a boost to their confidence and overall happiness with their body.

Minimally-invasive body contouring is both intricate and gentle, allowing patients to sculpt a more sleek, feminine body.

What does the procedure involved?
Calf slimming is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses highly precise doses of the botulinum toxin which is carefully administered directly into the calf muscle in order to minimise muscle movement and initiate muscle atrophy. This is the process whereby the target muscle shrinks due to a lack of movement.

How long does calf slimming treatment take?
Calf slimming is a very time-efficient procedure, taking just a few minutes of carefully placed injections by an experienced dermatologist.

What can I expect from my treatment?
Results can be seen almost immediately, as the fast-acting Botox injections allow certain parts of the calf muscles to settle, and shrink slightly over time. Results of slimmer, more contoured calves can last up to 2 – 4 months, but to maintain results it is advised to have repeat treatments as and when they are required.

What is the recovery time?
As this is a gentle, minimally-invasive procedure there is no recovery or downtime at all. Our patients find this to be a convenient treatment that has fast results.

Who is suitable for calf slimming?
Calf slimming is an ideal solution for patients hoping to achieve more sculpted, sleek legs that look feminine and youthful. Patients with more bulky, muscular calf muscles will find this procedure very effective.