Fillers do not last a set time, on some people they can last up to 1 month and on others they can last up to 18+ months. There is several factors that contribute to the break down of HA which you can’t control e.g. your metabolism and there is some factors we can try to control e.g your lifestyle and water intake. If your a first timer we always recommend having a top up in 8-12 weeks (if needed sometimes sooner and sometimes not needed at all). For most people, the only way you will get long lasting filler is by being consistent with it although some people can be lucky and
their filler breaks down slowly. Please be patient and expect to visit for top ups over the first year to build a base. Sometimes if your finding a certain brand is not lasting the length you want it to, it is suggested to change to an alternative brand and see how long that lasts on you.